Responsibilities of Riders

  • All riders on the grounds must be members of Mt Crawford Dressage Club or the EA and must report to the office before riding. EA riders must be able to show their EA membership card if requested.
  • Helmets are to be worn at all times when riding and must be in accordance with EA rules.
  • All riders need to supply their own bridle number. It is your responsibility to make sure your horse is wearing the correct number, especially if you have more than one horse on the grounds. 
  • Pick up any baling twine, fill any holes your horse may have dug and please scatter the manure.
  • Have your own ambulance cover.
  • Act in accordance with the information provided and with common sense at all times, considering the safety and welfare of people, horses and property, yours and others.
  • If you have a grievance or dispute raise it with a committee member in a calm and diplomatic manner.
  • All dogs on the club grounds must be restrained by a lead.
  • Members - When its your month to help us out, please consider not riding or only riding 1 test. Please give your full help to the club on that one day a year!

Competition Days

  • Gates open 1 hour prior to the first test commencing. This is neccessary to fulfill our duty of care as we need to have a first aid officer on the grounds at all times. Please respect this as we are unable to ask a volunteer to arrive at the grounds when we guess someone will arrive.
  • Each horse may only have one rider and a maximum of 3 tests, over two levels.
  • All test are conducted under EA rules. Please know and abide by them. Anyone blatantly breaking any rule may be eliminated. Riders, please be aware that the volunteer committee put in alot of time so you can enjoy your day competing, and your help can make it much easier on those running the day. PLEASE be aware of the RULES set down by the EA. Know which bits are allowed, how long your whip can be, which way up your spurs can go, and all the other rules as well. You knowing and complying with the rules will take pressure off the committee, who are doing their best to run an enjoyable AND FAIR day. 
  • Test sheets are not available for collection until placings are finalised for each class. If you don't collect your test on the day, or arrange for it to be posted to you, they will only be kept for three months, then thrown out.
  • Callers are allowed but must be unmounted and are not permitted to coach the rider.


  • If you scratch after the closing date, 50% of the entry fee is refundable on presentation of either a Doctor's certificate or Vet's certificate.

Closed Classes

  • For closed classes it is not necessary for horses to be plaited, but presented clean and tidy. Formal wear or MCDC uniform is still required.
  • Upgrade of Horses
    • Combinations (senior and junior) having placed 1st in a walk/trot test with 70% or above on 3 occasions are asked to upgrade to preliminary or compete HC in walk/trot tests.
    • Combinations with 5 wins of 65% or above in Preliminary tests are asked to upgrade to novice or compete HC.
    • Combinations with 5 wins of 65% or above at novice level are asked to upgrade to elementary or compete HC.
  • EA graded horses may ride in closed competitions at their graded level or higher.  If you wish to ride lower than the horse’s graded level you need to put that request in writing to the committee.